Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 05:03
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Social Psychology (8th Ed)
English | PDF | 16.93 MB

The eighth edition of this lively introduction places social psychology in a contemporary, real-world context and explores new, cutting-edge research as well as bringing classic theories to life. Thoroughly revised to enhance accessibility, and updated to include over 250 new references, this trusted, market-leading, cutting edged textbook remains as comprehensive as ever.
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 04:53
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Principles of Computer Science by Donald R. Franceschetti
English | 396 pages | PDF | 32.7 MB

This book introduces the fundamentals of computer science using easy-to-understand language for a solid start and deeper understanding and appreciation of this complex subject. It covers related fields of study to illustrate the connections between the various branches of computer science including computer engineering, software engineering, biotechnology, security, robotics, gaming, and programming languages.
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 04:44
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Mathematics in Minutes 200 Key Concepts Explained In An Instant (Knowledge in a Flash)
English | Publisher: Quercus (September 10, 2013) | PDF | 12.95 MB

Paul Glendinning is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester. He was founding Head of School for Mathematics at the combined University of Manchester and has published over fifty academic articles and an undergraduate textbook on chaos theory.
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 04:35
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Joan Didion - Blue Nights (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | 119.73 MB
Genre: Audiobook

From one of our most powerful writers, a work of stunning frankness about losing a daughter. Richly textured with bits of her own childhood and married life with her husband, John Gregory Dunne, and daughter, Quintana Roo, this new book by Joan Didion examines her thoughts, fears, and doubts regarding having children, illness, and growing old.Blue Nights opens on July 26, 2010, as Didion thinks back to Quintanas wedding in New York seven years before. Today would be her wedding anniversary. This fact triggers vivid snapshots of Quintana s childhood in Malibu, in Brentwood, at school in Holmby Hills. Reflecting on her daughter but also on her role as a parent, Didion asks the candid questions any parent might about how she feels she failed either because cues were not taken or perhaps displaced. How could I have missed what was clearly there to be seen? Finally, perhaps we all remain unknown to each other. Seamlessly woven in are incidents Didion sees as underscoring her own age, something she finds hard to acknowledge, much less accept.
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 04:25
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Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction, 2nd Edition - LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes
English | 1034 pages | PDF | 29 MB
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 04:16
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Globe Institute - Progressive Relaxation and Calm Sleep Guided Meditations [FLAC] (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | 201.34 MB
Genre: Audiobook

This CD incorporates music inspired by Spirit, and uses music production techniques that have been shown in research to create specific emotional effects.
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 04:06
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Enlightenment Now The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | 541.90 MB
Genre: Audiobook

The follow-up to Pinker's groundbreaking The Better Angels of Our Nature presents the big picture of human progress: people are living longer, healthier, freer, and happier lives, and while our problems are formidable, the solutions lie in the Enlightenment ideal of using reason and science.
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 03:57
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Diana Gabaldon - The Scottish Prisoner (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | 446.50 MB
Genre: Audiobook

In this highly-anticipated new novel, Diana Gabaldon brings back one of her most compelling characters: the unforgettable Lord John Grey - soldier, gentleman, and no mean hand with a blade. Set in the heart of the eighteenth century, Lord John's world is one of mystery and menace. Diana Gabaldon brilliantly weaves together the strands of Lord John's secret and public lives. Capturing the lonely, tormented, and courageous career of a man who fights for his crown, his honor, and his own secrets, Diana Gabaldon delivers breathtaking human drama, proving once again that she can bring history to life in a way few novelists ever have
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 03:47
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Diana Gabaldon - Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | 214.48 MB
Genre: Audiobook

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon
Author: avelin on 17-02-2018, 03:38
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Building Sheds by Joseph Truini
English | Publisher: Taunton Press (May 3, 2016) | 226 pages | PDF | 36.8 MB

Building upon the success of earlier versions, which sold more than 250,000 copies, Building Sheds by Joseph Truini provides all the expert advice needed to construct a shed from start to finish.


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